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August 21 , 2017 – Tip of the Week

August 21 , 2017 –  Tip of the Week

"How to check your internet speed on your mymatrixtvdevice"

Here are the reason's why you should check your internet speed daily.

Higher download speeds equals less chances of buffering and or freezing issues. (Some streams will have issues no matter what, find a better option if available on playlist)
- You need higher then 15 MBPS download speed to stream content efficiently  
- You can check if you are getting what you pay for from your internet provider

We are not responsible for your bad internet results. Please contact your provider or upgrade to a better download package if applicable.

- Being hard wired is always recommended connection
- Your laptop, mobile phone etc. will have different speed test results then what you are getting on your myMatrixTV device. All connections are separate connections.


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How to Check Your Internet Connection Speed on myMatrixTV Media Streaming Devices

Stay tuned for more Tips on how to use myMatrixTV!

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