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It seems we ask legitimate questions and express the same as concerns. Something the majority wants to know and the convo is deleted and or continued thru email. Absolutely Fishy

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I am sorry you feel this way. No other company does what we do. No comparison.  Over 5000 customer's have signed up already. This say's something. WE DO IT RIGHT!

As i mentioned you do not have to purchase anything at all. Your device will still be a media streaming device. It will work just like it has been, and in the event you do not have access to our update wizard any longer you still will have the KODI firmware and all other apps.

The newsletter and video explains the companies reasons. Have a great weekend.


So why do you delete previous discussions regarding the monthly fees? Free speech does not appear to be something this companies acceptances. Never saw any legitimate reason in any of the deleted posts and if there was the legitimate reason, the offending post could have been deleted and the thread remain in tact. I'm a moderator on a very large site so know all about moderating forums.

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Well for me this doesn't look like a very serious company, some of us we paid $260 plus Canadian for a device we don't have support anymore, this is not fair. I understand you guys are here for business, but when I bought my device they offer me no more payments ever unless I wanted to subscribe to VIP channels. So what happens with no more payments ever? That's my 2 cents and hope don't delete my post as the last ones

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I was also told that There would be no other fees when I purchased the Unit, other than the VIP if I wanted it. I was told that when ever an update was required it would be available and was included in the initial purchase price. I specifically asked this as I had an other device that did not work as promised. I was promised support at the time of purchase. I guess a mans or company's word means nothing any more.

As an aside, if over 5000 people have signed up, thats good for them ( the Company ) but that is over $30,000.00 / month. That's a good chunk of change, some one is becoming a lot wealthier.

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Is the monthly tax per device or per household? I was sold by saying no fees for support or up grades ever! Less than a year later it's a pay service? What gives?

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Will we still be able to stream media if we don't pay for the service? My dad and others I know bought into the service only because they felt they will no longer have anything to watch if they don't. They felt they had to in order for it to update and continue to stream??? I am very confused by this all. When I signed up I signed up to sell and had to pay extra for business cards and a webpage neither of which I have ever received yet I paid extra.
As of right now not one thing works on my box :(
Daryl The fee is per box. Dumbest thing I have ever heard. I refuse to pay extra for the services I once had for free. Premium my ass. It's the same service, and lately the viewing hasn't been up to the same standard it once was. I chalked that up to all the kodi issues. If the premium services provided something more than it's current, maybe us questioning this may consider. Price increases tomorrow? To what exactly? And why can't I pay monthly with the option to cancel

Previous posting seems to have been deleted. I posted earlier this evening.  All I said was "Class action lawsuit in small claims"

Yeah they just take your posts down when they feel like it,itis the same service and lately the add-ons are shit why no new ones they want everyones money all at once no monthly fees we will see how long this will last im one of the 5000 suckers...


smash and grab when will new add-ons be coming after all we just paid for better service...


it is still the same service period nothing new..


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