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Kodi Update

Jane Porter, what is the currrent version of Kodi and can we update it to the newest version? Thank you and have a great day.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these issues may have caused you. Please allow me to assist and resolve the issues

No firmware update is available by us. We are on the most stable kodi version. Please ignore this message. 

Any customers who choose too upgrade their devices on their own will not have access too our custom update wizard any longer.


We notify all customer's via email when we launch a new firmware update. 

Can you please clarify as in the bold type you said there is no firmware update and in the highlight you say you notify via email? Do you mean there is no firmware currently available by your company but it may be in the future? Thank you for clarifying.

When ever we launch a OTA firmware update we notify our customer's via email, post on our support forum and on our RSS feed in the matrix media center. All other notifictions are not from us.

i can tell you everybody this box can go to another firmware update and up to version 6 but not to other new boxes which now can offer nougat 7.1.we will be waiting a long time....


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